Rhiannon's Reading Corner

Stories are an amazing gift to the world. This website is here to help you choose the right books for yourself or a loved one. The main focus is books for ages seven to thirteen, but most of the books can be enjoyed by any age. These books are all fun for kids to read at the same time as having valuable messages and good quality of stories.

About Rhiannon

Rhiannon has always loved kids and books. She lives with her parents and big brother in a small house in a beautiful forest surrounded by lovely family and neighbors. Growing up, she spent many hours choosing books very carefully every time she went to a library or bookstore, and then spent many more hours carefully reading and savoring every bit of the books. She is currently sixteen and has now read many wonderful books and thinks it's time to share her experiences with the world!

Rhiannon is the editor of The Youth Voice Magazine; a magazine written by and for 9-14 year-olds.

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